About Straight Street Life Center, Inc.

About Straight Street Life Center, Inc.

Straight Street has been serving survivors of childhood sexual abuse and exploitation since 2005. We are devoted to safeguarding and empowering domestic minor sex trafficking victims and those at risk to develop the courage to move forward and the confidence to succeed. Through our innovative residential and community-based programs, girls are provided the opportunity to live and dream again.

We’re Making A Difference!

DMST = Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking

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AGES Served

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Our Mission

Is to Make a Difference by informing the public and intervening in the sex trade of minors. 

girls' residential program

AGES 12-17
Provides trauma-informed care to survivors of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking in the service of physical, emotional and spiritual restoration.
We do this in a safe and structured residential environment, where each girl is encouraged to set personal goals in the areas of therapy and education, and each is supported by staff and volunteers  throughout her journey of healing.

More than an event


This is your opportunity to engage Straight Street with your church, school, or  company. Join Straight Street in this fight to save our children!

We engage the audience by helping them understand the issue, but we also get to encouraged them, that restoration and a fresh start is possible.  We do this by sharing  real life testimonies of survivor’s tragedy and restoration.

These stories of transformation almost always intersect with the lives of our  volunteer team who have poured their lives into survivors. The lives of survivors,  volunteers, and the entire community is transformed and enriched.

We look forward to sharing this vision with you and seeking ways we might partner  together. 


Straight Street Life Center Inc

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